Happy New Year

I’m sure most of you have at least 1 New Year’s resolution. It may be to eat healthier, go to the gym more, or kick a bad habit. As 2016 was coming to a close I was nervous for the new year. This year 2017 was the year I was finally going to have my dream job. I was going to be a serious writer.

I’ve been writing my whole life and have always dreamed about sitting home note book in hand and writing the day away. Yet as the years went by that’s all it ever was a dream. I had done research and sent out letters to publishing companies but to no avail. So like any normal adult I went out and had to take up other jobs. None that made me as happy as writing but I needed to live.

I went through dead end job after dead end job yet I still wrote. I have note books full of ideas and stories that I feared would do nothing but collect dust. I wanted to take people with me on my adventures. I wanted to do what I have always dreamed about doing.

Finally with the help of my family I made the leap to do it. I was going to stop the dead end jobs and be a real writer. The journey was going to be scary but they supported me through it all. I finished writing my first book and sent it off to an editor that had edited for an author friend of mine. Then just like that 2017 was just around the corner and so is my first book. I may not have a release date for it yet but you won’t have to wait long before you will see it!

Happy New Year! Make your dreams come true no matter the chance.

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