It’s worth the wait

This blog post is a simple word of encouragement to anyone who needs it.

I’m not sure how many of you have read any of my past posts but all you really need to know is that at the beginning of this year I took a huge step. I started the journey of becoming an author.

I have a great friend/mentor that is helping me every step of the way. At times I feel like I’m on fire and that my first book is ready for the world to read. But I am discovering that writing the book was truly the easy part. I know that sounds crazy but it is the truth! And let me say that writing it was pretty hard on it’s own.

I didn’t realize how much work outside of writing I have to do. I mean I did know that I was going to market my book but I had no idea how much I really would have to do. Every month I set a release date for my book and every time I have to push it back. Because I get too excited and anxious I want everything great to happen now. I want all the success of being an Author to happen right now.

Thankfully I have a great mentor and awesome friends that keep reminding me that it’s going to be worth the wait. That pushing back my release doing all this work spending all this money is all going to be worth it in the end.

So I am here to tell those of you that are trying something new whatever it is, it’s worth the wait. It’s worth putting in the extra work. It’s worth everything you need to do to become a success.

– Amelia

The Next Level

Have you ever wanted to take something to the next level but were to afraid to do it?

That’s how I felt about my writing. I have been doing it for years but never took the leap to take it to the next level. Honestly it was because I was scared out of my mind! Being home schooled I didn’t get to the best education. I didn’t know how to format, where to put commas and don’t even get me started on spelling.

I enjoyed everything about writing creating the characters and developing stories yet if anyone wanted to read it I would say no. I didn’t want my lack of grammer skills to be known. I was afraid no one would be able to see past them and think I was a terrible writer. I was even afraid of an editor to look at my work because I knew they would laugh and send it back. Because of my fear I never thought I would ever be a successful published author. I’m just glad that my fear didn’t stop me from writing in general.

One weekend I took my little sister to a convention. It was an Anime convention so it was pretty cool. I haven’t seen any of the new stuff but I did know a few things about Anime. At the beginning of the weekend they introduced all of the guests. Most of which were voice actors whom I didn’t know. Just when I thought this weekend wasn’t going to be as much fun for me as it would be my sister They introduced 3 published authors who were having a few panels over the weekend.

That really peaked my interest. I went to all of the panels they ran. One was called Mistakes we made so you don’t have to. This was when the authors shared their personal experience with writing and publishing their books. It was on that panel one of the authors gave us this tip ‘Take your writing seriously.’

She then explained that for her this was very hard to do but she has yet to regret quitting her job and dedicate her time to writing. She also said that taking your writing seriously can look different for everyone. For her it was quitting for you it could just mean setting time aside everyday to write. I took this to heart. I wanted to do it I wanted to take my writing seriously.

Course I was still afraid. Then my mother-in-law told me about a friend of hers that was a published author. She told me I should talk to her and see if she would be willing to help me get published. I wanted to but once again that fear crept up so I never did. Until one day we went to a birthday party and she was there. I knew that I had to speak with her I couldn’t pass it up. I jumped in on a conversation she was having with a few other ladies and told her that I too was a writer.

And that was the beginning of a mentor ship. She took me by the hand and have lead me through everything even gave me great connections with editors that would be willing to look at my work and not send it back. I was still scared but with her and my mother-in-law helping me I was finally ready to take the leap. I quit my dead end job and dedicated my time to writing. And I’m excited to say that I am going to be publishing my first book this year!

Be on the look out I will be posting the release date once I have one.

So if there is something stopping you from taking it to the next level I’m here to say you can do it. Follow your dreams and just do it!

Happy New Year

I’m sure most of you have at least 1 New Year’s resolution. It may be to eat healthier, go to the gym more, or kick a bad habit. As 2016 was coming to a close I was nervous for the new year. This year 2017 was the year I was finally going to have my dream job. I was going to be a serious writer.

I’ve been writing my whole life and have always dreamed about sitting home note book in hand and writing the day away. Yet as the years went by that’s all it ever was a dream. I had done research and sent out letters to publishing companies but to no avail. So like any normal adult I went out and had to take up other jobs. None that made me as happy as writing but I needed to live.

I went through dead end job after dead end job yet I still wrote. I have note books full of ideas and stories that I feared would do nothing but collect dust. I wanted to take people with me on my adventures. I wanted to do what I have always dreamed about doing.

Finally with the help of my family I made the leap to do it. I was going to stop the dead end jobs and be a real writer. The journey was going to be scary but they supported me through it all. I finished writing my first book and sent it off to an editor that had edited for an author friend of mine. Then just like that 2017 was just around the corner and so is my first book. I may not have a release date for it yet but you won’t have to wait long before you will see it!

Happy New Year! Make your dreams come true no matter the chance.


Growing up I’ve always had a notepad in my hand writing down a grand adventure. You would never see me without one. If I wasn’t writing I was playing pretend with older brothers. We would be running around the woods fighting off some evil being to save our land.

I always knew I would be a writer but it never seemed that the day would come. Now it’s finally here! I get to finally do what I have always loved to do. Write about far off places and take my readers there with me!